For Students

Your development as a writer at Harvard is not just about completing your Expos requirement. In your four years as an undergraduate, you are challenged as a writer and thinker in many courses, in many fields, and by many different audiences. The Writing Program has created a number of resources to help you.

  • The Writing Center, where you can make an appointment to have a peer tutor review your ideas and your papers, no matter where you find yourself in the composing process.
  • Exposé Magazine, the Writing Program's journal of excellent writing across the Harvard community. We use digital annotation tools to highlight places in excellent student papers that model the kind of writing you are asked to do at Harvard.
  • Harvard Guide to Using Sourcesa concise and useful introduction to the basics of using sources effectively and responsibly.
  • The Harvard Writing Project (HWP), staffed by Writing Program faculty members with expertise in a wide variety of disciplines who develop writing guides for courses and disciplines as well as for senior thesis writers. HWP materials can help you understand what your professors expect of your writing as you write in classes beyond Expos. In conjunction with the Writing Center, the HWP also sponsors the Bok Writing Fellows, who consult with students on writing in particular concentrations.

We also offer the Harvard Writers at Work Lecture Series, featuring great Harvard writers discussing their craft of writing, workshops on various topics such as writing research papers or writing in the sciences, and opportunities to become involved with our writing and public service initiative and our Student Advisory Board.

If you need help with speaking assignments in your undergraduate courses, you can sign up for sessions with one of several trained peer speaking tutors, whose services are offered under the auspices of the Writing Program.