Engaged Scholarship Courses

Engaged Scholarship Expos courses give first-year students an exciting chance to connect the “theory and practice” of academic research and writing. Supported by Harvard's Mindich Program in Engaged Scholarship (MPES), these courses "challenge students and faculty to integrate scholarship with community perspectives, knowledge, and expertise to have impact within and beyond the academy" (MPES). In Engaged Scholarship Expos courses, students go outside the classroom into neighborhoods and organizations to see real-world issues up close. By the end of the semester, students will have used writing and speaking as crucial tools for developing evidence-based arguments about those issues--and for communicating their thinking with audiences well beyond the classroom.

Engaged Scholarship Expos courses welcome students who are passionate and intellectually curious about the course topics, willing to interrogate their assumptions continually throughout the semester, and committed to rewarding work outside of class. 

Engaged Scholarship courses are indicated with an asterisk (*) in the list of Expos 20 courses on our website.