Speaking Tutors

Do you have an oral presentation due in class? Need to prepare for an oral exam? Do you feel shy about speaking in your seminar? Do you need help writing a speech for an important extra-curricular meeting? Come get free and confidential coaching from an undergraduate Speaking Tutor! The undergraduate Speaking Tutor program is a collaboration between the Harvard College Writing Program and the Program for Speaking and Learning at the Derek Bok Center. The Speaking Tutors are available to help their fellow undergraduates prepare for oral presentations, oral exams, speeches, debates, recitations, or any other public speaking assignment in the classroom, or for extra-curricular activities. The tutors  provide coaching and feedback on all areas of public speaking including constructing and organizing persuasive arguments, engaging with an audience, and using the voice and body effectively. The Speaking Tutors are selected from a highly competitive pool of applicants— students who have been specially trained through the Public Speaking Practicum course (Expos 40). They are chosen not only for their own excellent public speaking skills, but also for their ability to teach and coach others with empathy and passion.


Shivi Aggarwal ’21 is a senior concentrating in integrative biology with a secondary in economics. A proud Winthropian, she is learning remotely this semester from home in New Jersey. Outside of the classroom, Shivi is a mentor at the Harvard EdPortal and a student board member for the Harvard Art Museums. She is convinced of the power of oral communication and the potential of each person’s unique voice as a speaker. Be it a speech for class, a thesis talk on a complicated scientific concept, or an upcoming interview – she went through the case interview process for consulting last year – Shivi is excited to help you reach your public speaking goals.

Austin Taylor '21 is a senior in Lowell House with a joint concentration in Chemistry and English. She took Expos 40 fall of her sophomore year, so this is her second year as a tutor. She has coached students for everything from Expos 40 speeches to consulting interviews. She is particularly interested in science communication, and is excited to help you translate complex scientific ideas into presentations for a broader audience. When she isn't tutoring Expos40-ers, she plays bass guitar and (formerly) rang the Lowell bells.


Instructions for making a virtual appointment with a speaking tutor will be posted in the fall.