Speaking Tutors

Do you have an oral presentation due in class? Need to prepare for an oral exam? Do you feel shy about speaking in your seminar? Do you need help writing a speech for an important extra-curricular meeting? Come get free and confidential coaching from an undergraduate Speaking Tutor! The undergraduate Speaking Tutor program is a collaboration between the Harvard College Writing Program and the Program for Speaking and Learning at the Derek Bok Center. The Speaking Tutors are available to help their fellow undergraduates prepare for oral presentations, oral exams, speeches, debates, recitations, or any other public speaking assignment in the classroom, or for extra-curricular activities. The tutors  provide coaching and feedback on all areas of public speaking including constructing and organizing persuasive arguments, engaging with an audience, and using the voice and body effectively. The Speaking Tutors are selected from a highly competitive pool of applicants— students who have been specially trained through the Public Speaking Practicum course. They are chosen not only for their own excellent public speaking skills, but also for their ability to teach and coach others with empathy and passion.


Menat Bahnasy '22 is a senior in Eliot House studying Economics, Middle Eastern Studies, and Arabic. She found her love for public speaking through her political involvement in New Hampshire as a high school student and has continued to foster the same passion as president of the Harvard College Democrats and president of the Institute of Politics. Menat feels strongly about the need for public speaking to be accessible and easily learned, and she is enthused to help you on your journey of public speaking. She is really looking forward to meeting you! Feel free to reach out to her with any questions or book an appointment. Make an appointment with Menat

Davis Bailey ’22 is a senior in Quincy House concentrating in History & Literature. Originally from Dallas, he spends his time on campus giving campus tours with Crimson Key and teaching the 1st and 2nd grade Church School classes at the Harvard Memorial Church. He is especially passionate about instruction — crafting the delivery of a lesson or communicating a technical, complicated topic — and creating narratives from personal anecdotes. Always excited to listen to a good story, Davis is especially excited to help you refine and polish any narrative that is trying to communicate your personality or personal qualities. Make an appointment with Davis

Gabe Cederberg '22 is a senior in Lowell concentrating in Government with a secondary in Economics. While on a gap year in ‘20-21, he worked on the Biden-Harris Transition Team and the U.S. Treasury. Now, he spends his time wandering around campus aimlessly. Gabe is super grateful for the help he received from prior Peer Speaking Tutors, and now he’s excited to pay it forward and help other students express themselves confidently and genuinely - whether for class presentations, job interviews, speeches to student orgs, or anything else! Make an appointment with Gabe.

Lucas Graciano '22 is a senior in Leverett House from Buenos Aires, Argentina, concentrating in Economics. He is excited to coach students for a wide variety of speaking opportunities, including Expos 40 speeches, class presentations, job interviews, and anything in between. Lucas can guide you through every step of the process to bring out the best version of your speech, from ideation to memorization and delivery. Whether you are just getting started or are already an experienced public speaker, Lucas can help you find and improve the speaking style that works best for you. Make an appointment with Lucas.

Andrew Young Jun Kim '22 is a senior in Eliot House concentrating in Economics with a secondary in Sociology. From Seoul, South Korea, Andrew is passionate about debate and public speaking, and serves as the Secretary-General of Harvard National Model United Nations. He also strongly believes in active listening and seeks to help students optimize their speaking ability by learning about their own speaking style and building on their biggest strengths. Whether you are an experienced speaker or are struggling with speaking anxiety, Andrew is excited to work with students from all backgrounds! Make an appointment with Andrew.

Rasmee Ky '24 is a sophomore in Lowell House concentrating in Economics with a secondary in Philosophy. Since her involvement in her high school speech team, Rasmee has struggled with anxiety while speaking and would like to help others develop strategies that help them overcome their public speaking anxiety. Outside of the classroom, Rasmee is an associate for Harvard College Consulting Group and debates with the Harvard College Debating Union. Whether it is for a class presentation, interview, parliamentary debate, or anything else, Rasmee is more than happy to support your growth as a public speaker. Make an appointment with Rasmee.

Sharleen Loh '22 is a senior in Cabot House concentrating in Psychology with a secondary in Education. She’s passionate about making learning more playful and loves designing educational games. Sharleen found her love for public speaking while teaching and presenting interactive STEM performances throughout her hometown of Orange County, California. Having grown up shy and terrified of public speaking as a child, Sharleen believes that anyone can craft and deliver an engaging speech. She is especially excited to help workshop creative ways to further captivate your audience! Make an appointment with Sharleen.

Jenny Tram '22 is a senior in Mather House concentrating in Economics with a secondary in Global Health & Health Policy. Born and raised in San Francisco, she spends her time on-campus doing research on healthcare economics, acting as the student liaison for Harvardwood, and serving as president for Smart Woman Securities. Jenny used to be self-conscious about speaking up and about the way she articulated herself, but she has now confidently navigated finance interviews, presentations in the classroom and at her internships, and numerous other opportunities for communicating her thoughts. Regardless of whether you're very nervous about public speaking or just looking to fine-tune your narrative, Jenny is happy to help guide you through the process!  Make an appointment with Jenny.