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Do you have an oral presentation due in class? Need to prepare for an oral exam? Do you feel shy about speaking in your seminar? Do you need help writing a speech for an important extra-curricular meeting? Come get free and confidential coaching from an undergraduate Speaking Tutor!

The undergraduate Speaking Tutor program is a collaboration between the Harvard College Writing Program and the Program for Speaking and Learning at the Derek Bok Center. The Speaking Tutors are available to help their fellow undergraduates prepare for oral presentations, oral exams, speeches, debates, recitations, or any other public speaking assignment in the classroom, or for extra-curricular activities. The tutors  provide coaching and feedback on all areas of public speaking including constructing and organizing persuasive arguments, engaging with an audience, and using the voice and body effectively. The Speaking Tutors are selected from a highly competitive pool of applicants— students who have been specially trained through the Public Speaking Practicum course (Expos 40). They are chosen not only for their own excellent public speaking skills, but also for their ability to teach and coach others with empathy and passion.

To make an appointment with a tutor please sign up for office hours below. Make sure you are logged in with your Harvard ID. If you cannot make any of these times, please email us individually and we will try to make other arrangements. Our email addresses are available at the sign up tool for office hours. Please give us 24 hours to respond to your request.


Interested in becoming a Speaking Tutor? To apply for the Speaking Tutor position you need to take the Public Speaking Practicum course (Expos 40).




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Christine Jou ’20 is a senior concentrating in Computer Science on the Mind, Brain, and Behavior Track and living in Currier House. Originally from Houston, Texas, Christine has a great love for temperatures below 80 degrees. Outside of class, she is involved in acapella, dance, Women in Computer Science, and Coding it Forward, but you’ll likely find her on a spontaneous food adventure or efficiently binge-watching a new Netflix show. Christine is excited to meet and work with students on campus that are looking to practice their public speaking.


Dory Li '21 is a junior concentrating in Economics with a secondary in Mind, Brain, Behavior. On campus, she is involved with the Pops Orchestra and various PBHA programs related to education and inequality. Dory also enjoys reading memoirs, figure skating, and sipping caramel lattes at Peet's Capital One. She is really excited to help students improve their public speaking and communication skills, including case interviews - she went through consulting recruiting last year and is happy to work with anyone going through the process.


Gabriella Lombardo ‘20 is a senior in Eliot House concentrating in English with a Secondary in Theater, Dance & Media. Outside of class, she writes for The Crimson and is a member of WHRB News, but you can also catch her unabashedly vlogging all over the square. Gabriella is passionate about the performing arts and has acted in countless plays and musicals, as well as a couple indie films. She specializes in movement, vocal expression, and audience interaction. Whether you’re gearing up to give a speech for class or preparing for an interview, Gabriella is thrilled to help you become a more compelling speaker.


Ian McClanan ‘20 is a senior from Portland, Oregon concentrating in Social Studies. On campus, he’s a FOP leader, gives tours on campus with Crimson Key, and makes videos for his YouTube channel called “Ideas and Ian.” Sign up for his PST session, and get ready for his ideas about your speech! His strengths are brainstorming interesting topics, bringing enthusiasm, and last-minute speech prep (don’t be there!). Ian is also open to using PST sessions to discuss speaking in front of camera (vlogging), marketing interviews, and personal goal setting.”


Avanti Nagral '20 is a junior in Adams House, studying Psychology and Global Health/Health Policy, and pursuing a degree with the Berklee College of Music. She is a singer/songwriter and performing artist, and has a lot of experience being on stage and dealing with crowds, having performed at venues across India, the US and Asia! She spent the first half of her life in Boston, and the second half in Bombay. She is also very passionate about global health, empowerment and women's issues, and loves mentoring, biking, baking and rom-coms.


Austin Taylor ’21 is a junior with a joint concentration in Chemistry and English who lives in Lowell House. She’s from Maine and enjoys skiing, fitness, flying small planes, and playing bass (especially with the Harvard College Latin Band). She’s also a Lowell Звонари (bell-ringer), so listen for her on the Lowell bells at 1pm every Sunday! She especially hopes she can help you communicate technical or scientific concepts clearly to a broad audience. In general, she’s excited to help you improve your public speaking in any way you need.