Fall 2019 Writing Workshops for Undergraduates

Writing the American Academic Essay (for International Students)

Especially for new international students. The conventions of the American academic essay can be quite different from the expected styles and approaches in other educational systems. Come learn about approaches to writing essays for an American academic audience


Writing Papers at Harvard: Beyond the Five-Paragraph Essay (for Spring Expos Students)

Especially for spring term Expos students. Making the transition from writing papers in high school to writing Harvard papers can be confusing. Come hear helpful tips on writing papers at Harvard, with particular attention to elements like thesis and argument, evidence, and using and citing sources.


How to Read and Write in the Sciences

There are important differences in how writers in different disciplines communicate their ideas. Find out how writing in the sciences differs in terms of style, organization, and the use of sources and evidence. Learn the fundamentals of reading articles in the sciences. Know the right questions to ask in order to determine what your professor expects from a research paper in a science or social science course.