How to Register for Expos 20 and Expos Studio 10

First-year students will submit section preferences for their fall-term Expos courses in August 2022. Detailed information about that process, including dates and deadlines, will be avaible here soon. Information about spring Expos courses is available here. Updated courses for the fall term will be posted throughout the summer.

Expos Placement Recommendations

Incoming students who have completed the Writing Exam during the required June Writing Exam dates will see their Expos placement recommendation and term assignment on their Placement Report in my.harvard in mid-July 2022. Exams from students who took the Writing Exam in the Make-up Exam Period may still be in process.)

All students who are recommended for Expos Studio 10 must meet in an individual advising session with an Expos faculty member to talk about the course. That conversation will help students decide whether enrolling in Expos Studio 10 is the right initial course for them

  • To be able to sign up for an advising session, students must first complete the check-in process in my.harvard. (It may take 24 hours for that check-in to be processed so that students have access to the online schedule.) 
  • Advising sessions (held on Zoom) are offered before students arrive on campus.
  • Advising appointments are available during July and August. Students will be able to sign up for an online advising session beginning in late July. (The link will lead to the Harvard Writing Center scheduler. The appointments displayed will be listed as “General Writing Tutoring” – these are the Expos Studio 10 advising appointments.)
  • Even students who already feel sure about whether Expos Studio 10 or Expos 20 will be the best starting point need to schedule an advising session to confirm their plans. To learn more about these advising sessions, please read further details here

Students who enroll in Expos Studio 10 fulfill their Expository Writing requirement by taking either Expos Studio 20 or Expos 20 in the spring.

Expos 20 Term Change Requests

Students who wish to switch their Expos 20 assignment to the opposite term will be able to submit a petition to change terms beginning in August. The online request form will be available here then. (Note that Expos Studio 10 is offered in the fall semester only.)

Due to enrollment limits in each term, we may not be able to grant all term change requests.

Students whose initial request is not approved are welcome to submit a new request the following day(s).

FAQ about Term Changes Requests: these will be updated for the 2022-23 academic year.

What kind of information will I need to provide on the Term Change Request Form? 
You will be asked for your name, HUID, and Harvard email address, as well as your Adviser’s name and email address. You will also be asked the reason for your request and your anticipated schedule for the 2021-22 academic year

Can I email my request to the Writing Program office? 
No, all requests must be submitted via the online form.

How does the Term Change process work? 
We process Term Change Request Forms beginning at 4 p.m. each day and try to grant as many changes as possible. Please be aware that we need to keep a certain number of assignments in each term because of the enrollment limits in the Expos sections. If we aren’t able to grant your request to switch terms the first time you try, you may fill out a new request the following day. We will not move your request form from one day to the next, since students’ scheduling information changes.

Can I submit a Term Change Request after 4 p.m.?
The request form will remain open continuously from August 18 until August 20 at 4 p.m. However, each day’s requests will be processed beginning at 4 p.m.—any requests received later in the day on Wednesday and Thursday will be processed the following day. Requests received after 4:00 on Friday, August 20 may not be considered at all.

How will I know if my term assignment has been changed? 
At the end of each day of term changes, all students who submitted a request by 4 p.m. will be notified whether or not we could accommodate their request. An email will be sent to students later in the evening.

If there’s a student in the other term who would swap assignments with me, can we trade places? 
You can both submit a Term Change Request Form. However, we cannot accept pre-arranged “swaps” –- to be fair to all students (including those who might not know someone willing to swap), we handle each request on its own.

What if my term change is approved and I want to switch back? 
Once you are switched to the new term, you cannot switch back into your original term.

What if I want to change terms after the August 20 session of Term Change Requests?            
As of Saturday morning, 8/21/21, term assignments will be finalized and sent to the Registrar’s Office. No additional Term Change Requests can be accepted after the August 20 deadline. Sectioning for all students assigned to Fall Term Expos will open on Tuesday, 8/24/21.


Expos Section Registration

Using the Lottery program within, students taking Expos Studio 20 or Expos 20 in the Spring 2022 term must register for a particular section of Expos. Dates and deadlines for the sectioning process will be posted here by early July.

Expos Section Changes

There is no shopping for Expos courses: you may not attend a class for which you are not registered, nor may you go to a class to ask if any students wish to move into another section. Only the Expos Registration Administrator has the authority to switch you into a new section; no Expos preceptor or Resident Dean of First-Year Students may approve a student's request for entrance into a section. The Writing Program accepts section change requests during a set period of time after initial section assignments have been completed. 

Further details about the section change process will be available in August.