The Harvard College Writing Program designs the curricula and pedagogy for four important undergraduate skills and critical thinking courses:

  • the required expository writing course Expos 20, which is the one academic experience required of all Harvard students since 1872;
  • Expos Studio 10 and Expos Studio 20, two elective introductory analytical writing courses designed to help students who would benefit from additional intensive instruction;
  • Expos 40, an elective public speaking practicum, which focuses on developing and strengthening the skills necessary for successful public speaking. 

In addition to teaching the fundamentals of analytical argument to first-year students, the Writing Program extensively supports undergraduate writing beyond Expos. We publish writing guides, create digital learning tools, provide individual writing tutorials through our undergraduate peer-staffed Writing Center and graduate student-staffed Departmental Writing Fellows Program, and help professors and Teaching Fellows in departments and programs deliver excellent writing instruction. The Writing Program's Engaged Scholarship courses and Writing and Public Service Initiative encourage students to explore the application and impact of effective communication beyond the College.