The Harvard College Writing Program offers a range of resources to help Harvard undergraduates write effectively and to support instructors in their teaching of academic writing.

Resources for Students: Our resources for students include digital tools for writing papers, one-on-one tutorials with trained peer tutors at the Writing Center, writing guides for courses in various disciplines, the Harvard Writers at Work Lecture Series featuring great writers discussing their craft, and writing and public service opportunities.

Resources for Teaching Fellows: We offer TFs digital tools, trainings, and consultations for responding to student work and integrating the teaching of writing into discussion sections.  

Resources for FAS Faculty: Faculty teaching Gen Ed and concentration courses have access to our Harvard Writing Project team of Faculty Associates. The HWP produces writing guides tailored to courses and disciplines, consults on writing assignment design, and facilitates pedagogy workshops.  

Resources for Expos Faculty: Harvard College Writing Program faculty can use Expos on the Web, our program's internal website for materials that feature good practices for the teaching of academic writing.