The Requirement

The Harvard College Writing Program administers the first-year expository writing course, Expos 20. Since 1872, a course that meets the College's expository writing requirement has been the one academic experience required of every Harvard student. Students recommended for Expos 20 take the course either in fall or spring term in their first year. They are also eligible to meet the writing requirement by taking the two-semester sequence Humanities 10a and 10b. For more information on that course, please see the Humanities 10a/b website.

Students who would benefit from additional instruction to help them transition to college writing may choose to fulfill the requirement by taking Expos Studio 10 in fall term, and then taking by either Expos 20 or Expos Studio 20 in spring term. The Writing Exam, which is administered to all incoming students, allows the Writing Program to advise students about whether they should enroll directly in Expos 20 or whether they would be better served by enrolling first in Expos Studio 10. 

Please note that students enrolling in Expos in fall 2020 are required to attend these seminar-style courses synchronously.