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    Since 1872, the Harvard College Writing Program has been teaching the fundamentals of academic writing to first-year students.

    In addition to administering Expos courses, the Program supports undergraduate writing and instruction throughout the College.

Spring Calendar


Registering for Expos

Students assigned to take Expos 20 in the spring will see a placeholder course in the their my.harvard Crimson Cart prior to the start of sectioning at 2pm on Tuesday, January 19. Once sectioning opens, students will enter their preferred Expos sections, ranked in order of preference. Expos sectioning closes in my.Harvard at 11:59pm on Thursday, January 21.  

Students will be notified of their section placement on Friday, January 22, after the section lottery is run. 

Students who would like to petition for a section change after their section has been assigned may do so until 3pm on Tuesday, January 26.

Additional information can be found here.


Spring Expos Courses

Students can now browse through the Spring Expos course offerrings on our website. 

View Expos 20 courses, expanded course descriptions, course sites, and syllabi.

View Expos Studio 20 courses.

Students who are interested in learning more about Expos can attend a Q&A session with an Expos preceptor during shopping week. Check back for the session schedule.