Submitting the Exam and Technical Issues

You can access the Writing Exam here.

When taking the Writing Exam, please keep in mind a few technical issues that will make working on and submitting your exam go more smoothly.

  • When downloading sources within the exam, please click on one source, download/save it to your computer, close it, and then click on the next source. Clicking on multiple source links at one time may result in only one source downloading. Please be aware that some of the source links may require a few minutes to load; we appreciate your patience, and please click only once.
  • Please do not compose your essay directly in the placement exam page itself. After you have accessed the prompt and the sources, please work on your essay in a word-processing program you can save on your computer. When you are done with your essay, return to the exam page to submit it. Please be sure to save a copy of your essay in case there are any submission problems in the placement exam system.
  • When you are ready to copy and paste your essay into the placement exam page, please note that a right-click copy/paste might not work well with some browsers. Keyboard commands should work (Ctrl-C  Ctrl-V for Windows, Cmd-C  Cmd-V for Mac). It may also help to try accessing the placement exam site from a different browser, or to clear the cookies/cache from your current browser. In some cases, it can also help to try using a different machine.   

If you experience technical problems as you are trying to submit your essay, please go to the Online Placement Exams Registration Application. You can report a submission problem there and we will respond to that problem as soon as possible.



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