Student Advisory Board

The Student Advisory Board for the Harvard College Writing Program serves an important function. While course evaluations each semester provide a clear idea of what students think about their Expos courses, Board members sit down each semester with the Program's leadership staff in an informal setting to discuss concerns, questions, and suggestions that will improve the freshman writing experience and writing instruction beyond Expos. The Board is composed of nominated representatives from each class year and from a variety of concentrations in the humanities, social sciences, and sciences. Thanks to the diverse perspectives of the Board members, we receive invaluable feedback on how the Program can do a better job of making what we teach in Expos applicable to the kind of writing students are expected to undertake in non-Expos courses. We also hear student ideas about enhancing our writing support services, such as the Writing Center's peer tutorials, and improving writing pedagogy in non-Expos courses. Since the Board's inception, members have helped shape components of the Expos curriculum and pedagogy and have suggested speakers for the Program's Harvard Writers at Work Lecture Series and topics for optional writing workshops.