The Harvard College Writing Program administers the first-year expository writing course, Expos 20Students can choose their section of Expos 20 from a wide variety of topics and fields across the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. One semester of Expos 20 meets the College’s expository writing requirement. We also offer courses in introductory writing (Expos Studio 10 and Expos Studio 20) and in public speaking (Expos 40). Students recommended for Expos 20 are also eligible to meet the writing requirement by taking the two-semester sequence Humanities 10a and 10b. For more information on that course, please see the Humanities 10a/b website.

Our resources for students are widely used across campus. We provide one-on-one tutorials at our undergraduate peer-staffed Writing Center, publish writing guides for classes and departments, and produce digital learning tools like HarvardWrites and Exposé Magazine.